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LOKD Secure phone is completely anonymous. It protects your geolocation and has anti-interception feature that prevents hacking, blocking of Wi-Fi and GSM interception both over-the-air and baseband attacks. It is highly sophisticated with anti-hacking properties. LOKD Secure Phone comes with customised secure harden operating system with  Samsung S9 and Sony Xperia Devices.

Full Anonymity

Military-Grade Encrypted Calls & Messages

Full Transparency – No Backdoor Policy


Multi-Layered Security

Layer 1: Application level

Nebula AI App security scan with multi- layer application protection analysis. Nebula interface acts as foolproof protection to LOKD phone against vulnerabilities.

  • Sandbox application containers provide an additional layer of protection to prevent from taking over the malware
  • Protection against zero-day and advanced malware
  • Provides encrypted communication

Layer 2: OS level

  • Special & Secure Harden OS
  • Jail break detection and prevention
  • Encrypted filesystem
  • GSM firewall and IP firewall

Layer 3: Full Anonymity

  • Randomization of Hostname, and Mac address, on every boot time

  • Meta Data protection with no EXIF data and no location tags associated with any file

  • Wi-Fi probes request protection by removing all the saved passwords on every boot time

  • GSM/WIFI data interception protection via private persistence VPN & Tor. VPN encrypts your entire Web traffic to secure against IP data interception and injection



Anti-interception ZRTP protocol using uncrackable Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange at 3K and military-grade AES-256 encryption.

Secure GSM Firewall

Users can make secure GSM calls on the LOKD phone using the LOKD VPN and VOIP app with portable LOKD hardware, this feature is optional.

Secure Browser

LOKD uses secure browser for completely anonymous web surfing, allowing access even to blocked and monitored sites including the Deep or Dark Web.


LOKD uses the OMEMO end-to-end encryption protocol, ensuring security and privacy for all received and sent messages.

Secure VPN

Own custom 3-layer VPN uses military-grade encryption and tunneling over port 443 to ensure data privacy, security and availability, and protect against DPI or VPN- blocking solutions.

Secure mail

Send and receive end-to-end PGP encrypted emails. Encryption keys are generated and securely stored only on your LOKD phone.


Ultra-Secure OS
Full Anonymity
E2E Encrypted Calls & Messages
Multi-Layered Security
Secure 3 Layers Encryption
OS & APP Customisation
ISO27001 Certified

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